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Create Your Own Patriotic Music Playlist

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Who doesn’t love listening to patriotic music around the Fourth of July? If you agree, then you might want to hold on to the edge of your seat for what I am about to tell you…

Listen to music and create your own playlist — for free! — via one of the music databases available through Blackwell Library. Ahhh, aren’t libraries great?

I created my own Fourth of July Tunes playlist within the Music Online database. Off campus, you will just need to sign in using your 14 digit library bar code (located on the back of your Gull Card or through GullNet) and last name. Simply click ‘sign in’ and then ‘register’ to create your free account and start creating!

The Library of Congress provides a list of Patriotic Melodies as part of their Performing Arts Encyclopedia. You may want to browse through the songs to get an idea of what patriotic tunes you want to add to your own list.

Happy creating, happy listening, and happy 4th!

Image from Microsoft Office Images.

— 9 months ago
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