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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


How much do you know about YOUR constitution?

Some interesting facts found in The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It by Terry Jordan: 

  1. The U.S. Constitution has 4,440 words. It’s the oldest and the shortest written constitution of any major government in the world.
  2. O the spelling errors in the Constitution, “Pensylvania” about the signers’ names is probably the most glaring.
  3. The Constitution was “penned” by Jacob Shallus, a Pennsylvania General Assembly clerk, for $30 ($726 today).
  4. The oldest person to sign the Constitution was Benjamin Franklin (81) and the youngest was Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey (26).
  5. George Washington and James Madison were the only presidents who signed the Constitution.
  6. The word “democracy” does not appear once in the Constitution.

To find more information on The Constitution, visit and the library’s catalog under United States Constitution.

Also for more information on the U.S. Constitution, visit Blackwell Library’s Federal Documents Department. Available resources can be found in the form of Print, Microfilm, and Electronics.

— 7 months ago
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