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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Research government documents and be informed about topics surrounding the government shutdown.

Whether you were turning on the T.V., listening to the radio, or logging onto the internet, you could not miss the nationwide news coverage of the partial Government Shutdown that furloughed about 500,000 government workers.  We all have our own personal opinions on the events leading to the Government Shutdown, but what are the facts?

Government Documents are primary source materials on the Budget, Medicare, Health Care Reform, Education, the Environment, and other Hot Button issues. Blackwell Library’s Federal Documents collection offers many resources to help you conduct the research needed to find out what is operating behind the doors of Government. Available resources at Blackwell are Hearings (Before the Committee on the Budget, House of Representatives), electronic resources (see selected bibliography), Code of Federal Regulations (ex. Title 42 is Public Health), and professional staff to answer questions.

Be informed and check out our Government Documents Collection!!!

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— 5 months ago
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